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What We Do

Production services

We plan and organize your production, we connect you with top crew members, provide you with the ideal equipment and maintain the integrity of the vision.


Through our curated network of professionals from Berlin and eastern Germany, we can assemble teams that match your budget and demands.
Easily ad or remove positions, depending on what you’re shooting.

Crew Agency Services

Through our curated network of professionals from  Germany, we can assemble teams that match your budget and demands.
Easily ad or remove positions, depending on what you’re shooting.

Equipment Services

We equip you with state-of-the-art equipment and services that you can easily calculate with and depend on.

Post production management

We help you find top creative talent and cutting-edge firms and pair them with innovative workflows that stay scalable and make sure you stay on track to success.

Budgeting & Risk-Assesment

We support you with the technical and management know-how of post production pipelines during budgeting and thereby help you make decisions, that save money and prevent stress down the line.


By connecting you with top-talent and state-of-the-art firms from Germany, we manage post production from shooting to final product and guide you and your team through the fast-evolving digital landscape.


We help your team successfully capture and preserve the intended look of the project, making sure it can be maintained throughout the production. 

Digital imaging & Remote Services

We have developed groundbreaking monitoring tools for remote collaboration that reflect current trends and developments of the media industry.

Digital Imaging Services

We bring top-of-the-line digital imaging workflows and media management to your production, that fulfil all of the major streaming platform guidelines.

Remote Video Monitoring

We enable you to include key stakeholders into the production workflow, even if they can’t be present on set or if you need to connect units or studios for real-time collaboration.


We extensively train and certify technicians and engineers of the camera and post production departments to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Meet the Team

Robert Bogs

Managing Partner | Zeitz

+49 (0)‭157 3176 23 45‬

Besides his love for basically anything with a circuit, Robert is a passionate gardener and open-hearted people-person. That’s why one of his biggest joys is to share knowledge through teaching. Robert is a meticulous Visual Engineer and outspoken critical thinker, guided by the motto „Train yourself to be useful for others“.

Axel Rothe

Managing Partner | Leipzig

+49 (0)151 5222 89 51

Never satisfied with the Status Quo, Axel’s work is driven by the goal to invent, improve and evolve new and better products and solutions for his field. As a Visual Engineer and business visionary his skills are varied but his focus stays the same: getting the best results for any project and finding and fleshing out an original vision.

John F. McClellan

Managing Partner | Berlin

‭+49 (0) 176 2168 57 23‬

Working on a film set as DoP or on a farm are pretty similar experiences, according to John. His upbringing in rural America equipped him with a variety of skills that he now makes great use of as a Visual Engineer – whether it‘s managing teams, technical thinking, appreciating natural beauty, or creative problem-solving.

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Digital Imaging &
Remote Monitoring

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