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What We Do

We are consultants in the film industry that offer to budget, execute and control technical pipelines, as well as manage and supervise other aspects of your production.

Post Supervision

Every modern production requires a host of deliverables to satisfy the requirements for world-wide distribution.

We design technical pipelines, budget costs and warn you about pitfalls and money-sinks you might encounter, on your exciting quest to share your movie with the world.

Digital Imaging

New players and affordable consumer TV’s, have created a demand for high quality imagery, with a vacuum to be filled by you.

We support your creatives and production team on site with our visual engineers and their on-set labs, so your team can make calculated decisions.

Asset & Fleet Management

We help you select the correct backup strategy and media management pipeline for your production.

Our set-to-cloud service allows you to move large volumes of data to the cloud within 24h. All while ensuring upmost security with encryption and data fleet management for high-stake wrangling.

What We develop

In order for us to offer our extensive portfolio we have developed our own cloud based tools and it’s respective hardware for on-site deployment. We are devoted to being the first in line for each new technology, even if we have to make it ourselves. This enables us to be free of any industry indecisions and allows us to shape the future of our industry together with you.


CLOUD – Micro Framework for building realtime applications within a node-based environment.


COLLABORATION – Stable HD & 4K video streams at near zero latency in local networks and across the globe.


ASSETS – Command Line Tool for remotely copying, fingerprinting, registering and reporting media assets.


BUDGETING – Real-Time Database for projecting costs of deliverables down to the last cable.

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Meet the Team

Robert Bogs | Partner

Sales, Virtual Production Supervision

+49 (0)‭157 3176 23 45‬

Robert loves building and operating computer-controlled machines, as well as harvesting fresh vegetables from his own cultivation – a wild mixture of sustainability and future proofing, which he completes with a decentralised approach to film accounting and project management.

Axel Rothe | Partner

Software Engineering, Post Pro Supervision

+49 (0)151 5222 89 51

Never satisfied with the Status Quo, Axel’s work is driven by the goal to invent, improve and evolve new and better solutions to complement the on-going global digital industrial transformation and to offer his customers products and services that can adapt and scale to the constantly changing demands of the digital world.

Alexander Bach

Media Technology, IoT

+49 (0)162 6738383

Alexander leaves no stone left unturned on the quest to build and develop the best and hottest tech. Through his vast experience, he is able to seize all the golden opportunities and mitigate the biggest risks that threaten his customers’ media assets.

Our Goal

Save the planet

We filmmakers love to create and watch cautionary tales like Mad Max, but we’d rather not live in their worlds. 

We are developing remote services, apps and hardware to reach our goal of reducing travel and enviromental impact of film productions to an absolute minimum by 2030.


Interested in how we try to reduce our carbon foot print? Please reach out to us at

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  • Scope Definition
  • Budgeting
  • Management
  • Execution


  • Data Wrangling
  • Live Color Grading
  • Video Playback
  • Dailies

Edge to Cloud

  • Data Transfer as a Service
  • Mobile Storage Arrays
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Asset Identification


  • S3 Cloud Storage
  • LTO Backups
  • Editorial Services
  • Distribution Solutions