Van Rothe

[ˈvæn ˈrəʊθ]

VAN ROTHE was founded by us, (left to right) Robert Bogs, Axel Rothe and John F. McClellan after working in the industry for over a decade. During our time as freelancers we established many reliable alliances with companies and professionals from all technical departments.

These relationships were the foundation of our company. We believe that good working conditions and respect for each department are paramount to great success. We know that compelling stories can only be told when creatives are given the time and ressources they require.

VAN ROTHE has facilites in Berlin, Leipzig and Zeitz. Because we work where paths have yet to be tred, we develop and manufacture our own products and software solutions for the challenges we have to overcome. We also see ourselves as a service provider, so we are happy to function as a “private label”, addressing your client in your name.

Our Philosophy


We believe everyone should be treated equal. All should receive fair pay and enjoy a positive working enviroment devoid from misogyny, sexism or racism. 




We know groundbreaking work can only be achieved by venturing where only few dare to go. We therefore treat every job like a clean slate and a new challenge. 

While highly valuing experience, the last thing we want is to become lazy. We want to keep learning, improving and evolving.


Because we hold ourselves to a very high standard, we ensure to deliver nothing but quality results, by always taking proactive steps and extensive planning,

You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than amazing. If it’s not a “hell yeah” for you, it’s a “hell no” for us. 


You shouldn’t be expected to have a law degree to understand a contract. That’s why we urge our lawyers to use English that is simple and not too technical.

However, if misunderstandings or problems ever do arise, we will make every effort to solve them amicably.

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Stettinerstraße. 30
13357 Berlin

 ‭+49 (0) 176 2168 57 23‬

Plautstraße 27
04179 Leipzig

 +49 (0)151 5222 89 51

Neue Werkstraße 4
06712 Zeitz

+49 (0)‭157 3176 23 45‬

Agency & Rental

  • Crew Agency
  • Rentals
  • Digital Imaging Services
  • Video Monitoring


  • Final Color & Remote Dailies
  • Sounddesign & Foleys
  • Remote Asset Management
  • LTO & Cloud Backups

Training & Certification

  • In-House Media Production
  • Vision 2 Screen
  • The Comradeship
  • Certifications