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reasons to be represented by us


We put ourselves between you and the claimant. Realisitically the powerdynamic on set won’t allow a crew member to take action against a production. We can and will defend you from being taken advantage of. 

Better rates

We help you navigate the murky waters of contract negotation. All our contracts and rates are above the collective labour agreement by VERDI. We also enforce the guidelines set by VERDI for you.

better gigs

Since we certify our Comrades, we are able to put you on productions where you might not “fit” some producers eyes, based on your track record. We set standards for  you, so you can confidently take new jobs.

Equal Opportunity

We never disclose gender, name or age of our comrades until the client has signed the contract. We only select by qualification (based on our internal certifications) and availability for a job.

become a comrade now

call us +49 (0)341 68414707 or email us

Who can become a Comrade?

At the moment, we accept applications from any of the following positions:

– Digital Imaging Technician

– Digital Asset Technician (aka. Data Wrangler, Digital Loader)

– Digital Media Technician (aka. Video Operator, VTR)

– Colorist

– Editorial Assistant

– Director of Digital Imaging (aka. Visual Engineer)

– Virtual Production Engine Operator

– LED Wall Technician

You’d like to work for us, but you don’t have the qualifications yet?

Please contact us and tell us what you do. We’d be happy to find a way to enable you to work with us.

How much does being a comrade cost me?

Nothing at all. Being represented by us won’t cost you anything. If you flourish, we flourish. It’s one of our core value.