become a “comrade”

reasons to be represented by us


The European film industry is riddled with bad business practices and lacks unions to protect the smaller players. We want to change that by protecting all our “comrades” from abusive and unethical working conditions.

Better rates

We help you navigate the murky waters of contract negotation.
By setting up contracts through our laywers and working out rates and terms for you, we want to make the process easier. Entirely for free – no hidden costs.

better gigs

Get access to training programs in our commercial workshops and courses at a discounted rate, as well as free exclusive trainings. Our sales team enables you to work on projects outside of your usual field and network.

Equal Opportunity

We never disclose gender, name or age of the comrades we refer to our clients. We only select by qualifications for a job. This helps us prevent our comrades from being unfairly black listed or discriminated.

become a comrade now

call us +49 (0)341 68414707 or email us

Who can become a Comrade?

At the moment, we accept applications from any of the following positions:

– Camera assistants

– Digital Imaging Technicians

– Digital Asset Technicians (aka. Data Wrangler, Digital Loader)

– Digital Media Technicians (aka. Video Operator)

– Camera (incl. Gimbal/Steadycam) Operators

– Directors of Digital Imaging (aka. Visual Engineer)

– Gaffer (aka. Lighting Director)

– Best Boy/Girl

– Electricians

– Lighting Assistants

– (Key) Grip

Can’t find your job listed here, but you work in the camera department?

Feel free to contact us and tell us what you do. We’d be happy to find a way to support you.

I’m a DP/Cinematographer, can I become a “Comrade”?

We currently do not place cinematographers with our clients. Please contact talent agencies that can help you sell your services. If you’d like to become a Visual Engineer and be placed as a Director of Digital Imaging, you can contact us for information on how to take part in our training and certification program.

How much does being a comrade cost me?

Nothing at all. Being represented by us won’t cost you anything. We take our commision directly from our clients.


  • Crews
  • Equipment Rental
  • Digital Imaging & Media


  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling & Booking
  • Pipeline Supervision

Research &

  • Certifications & Workshops
  • Innovation Implementation
  • Training

Livestreaming &
Content Creation

  • Video-Capture Solutions
  • Live Streaming Services
  • Personell Training