Digital Imaging & Remote Monitoring

  • Maintain the integrity of your vision throughout production
  • Take your video village to the cloud with our remote monitoring solutions
  • Full-Service Digital Imaging & Media Provider


Digital Imaging

No matter the size of your production, we got a workflow solution. We can support you with a single service or the full package.

  • On-Set Dailies – Preview your vision and keep control.
  • Modern Dailies Hosting – Easy to use dailies hosting with unlimited storage, even in remote locations with no internet access.
  • Live Grading – Manage your look throughout the entire production and match cameras on the fly.

Asset management

We make sure that your footage is captured correctly and that it makes it all the way to the editing bay safe and sound.

  • Risk Assessment – Together with your team we can assess the risks that your production might encounter and give you the confidence to tackle them head-on.
  • Media Asset Management – We backup, archive and log your media footage and organize the distribution to key stakeholders in the post-production pipeline.

Remote monitoring

We developed an innovative real-time collaboration app – called PRESENCE. With this service we are able to deliver you opportunities you never would have dreamed of.

  • Video Village in the Cloud – we make it possible for you to include stakeholders that can not be present during principal photography.
  • On-Set Infrastructure – We bring the internet and all of its benefits to your production sites – even in the remotest of locations.

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Our Quality Guarantees

High-End Equipment

The equipment should not dictate your possibilities, but enable your creative freedom – no matter the budget. That’s why we only work with rental houses that carefully maintain their equipment, to ensure there is no compromise.

Reliable Partners

We work with the best rental houses in the industry. No matter the size of the job, be it a small image film or a full feature. Trust us with designing a package that works for you. Our values are transparency and collaboration.

Certified teams

All our crew members are hand picked. Their abilities and work experience in the film industry have been certified by us. Even if you need someone with a special skill for a more tricky shot, we know who to call.

Always Insured

Accidents happen, even to the best. That’s why we got all the important insurances covered for you. No need to worry about loosing profits to a knocked over light stand or an expensive prop or piece of equipment breaking.

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