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  • Data Fleet Management
  • Media Asset Identification and Control Systems
  • Off-Grid Media Transport Solutions
  • 24h Drop-Off & Return Service for all Hardware


VAN ROTHE together with Seagate LYVE™’s product family offer battle-tested technology that allow users to flexibly organise their flow of data. The LYVE’s cloud-based technology makes it easy to store and retrieve media assets wherever needed, while the ability to securely access and modify files on location is assured.

Data-Transfer as a Service

VAN ROTHE offers mobile storage devices from Seagate LYVE™’s product family within a subscription-based fleet management service. We track your LYVE™ modules in your fleet and manage the devices to ensure security and availability throughout film production. Always have the newest LYVE™ hardware with 24h exchange and upgrade service. Data recovery in case of catastrophe is included.

Data Center solutions

VAN ROTHE data centre solutions are purpose built for ingesting large quantities of data at high speed and making these available to the user as fast as possible, so they can quickly take advantage of the media assets world-wide. VAN ROTHE provides a next generation rental service offering where customers can select from a broad range of devices and services within the PRSNC® & LYVE™ family.

Media Asset Identification & Control

Film productions can easily span several months and hundreds of individuals with the majority of the team in different locations. Asset management is an essential part of the film production workflow, and is now able to be streamlined into a single, integrated system. This entire process, from content creation to delivery, is now available as a service through VAN ROTHE.

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  • 2,5 breit x 4m lang
  • 230V Steckdose zubuchbar (max 1500W)
  • Bewachtes, umzäuntes Gelände mit Tor
  • Gute ÖPNV Anbindung (Linie 80, 60)

12€ pro Nacht


  • kalte Getränke auf Bestellung
  • Spinde und abschliessbare Fächer
  • Waschtrockner nach Nutzungsabrechnung
  • keine Übernachtung möglich!

8€ pro Nacht

Equipment Check out

  • Strom zum Laden von Geräten
  • eigener Kameraplatz zum Check
  • Dry Hire für DIT Bedarf
  • Verkauf von Verbrauchsmaterial

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