Post production Supervision

  • Full Service Supervision – Color, Sound, VFX & Editorial
  • ACES, HDR, +8K, CODEX, Dolby Atmos/Vision & more
  • State-of-the-Art Post-Production Workflows
  • Controlling & Budgeting

Our services


We help you define your required deliverables and set metrics for success. Based on this ground work, we will recommend suitable workflows and implement them into a digital post production schedule, that can be adjusted live during production to react to new information.


We have analysed the market for over a decade and have used computer science to develop budgeting formulas, that allow us to accurately calculate the post production budget without relying on experience and vendor quotes.


We organise your communication flow and are the contact for the entire post-production from planning onwards for all your vendors. We monitor and control the post production process and take action to ensure we meet our set goals.

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Powered by AI

We are open-minded to new technologies, and continually innovate. Our data management practices include machine learning and artificial intelligence. This enables us to deliver and organise a much larger volume of projects while staying in the know about each and every one 100% of the time.

global Vendors

We actively develop and maintain our own curated platform of vendors in the media industry. With the network of our "Comrades", called "The Comradeship" we promote healthy work environments, education and innovation globally.

Research & Development

With our in-house developed software, we can instantly turn threats into data to solve or mitigate any damage to your assets. We leverage data analytics to protect your data, even from future potential threats. We provide a multitude of analytical services, so you are equipped to make strong decisions.

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  • Scope Definition
  • Budgeting
  • Management
  • Execution


  • Data Wrangling
  • Live Color Grading
  • Video Playback
  • Dailies

Edge to Cloud

  • Data Transfer as a Service
  • Mobile Storage Arrays
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Asset Identification


  • S3 Cloud Storage
  • LTO Backups
  • Editorial Services
  • Distribution Solutions