Training & Certifications

  • Extensive Training of film crew members – newcomers & experienced veterans alike
  • Learn how to implement media production in your company
  • Break into the industry as a director with our “Vision 2 Screen”-Program



We extensively train technicians and engineers of the camera and post production departments to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

  • Workshops – We help our Comrades by distilling complicated new technologies and established workflows into easy to digest workshops. Our workshops are held both in person and digitally.
  • Certification – Official expertise certifications for technical film crew members by VAN ROTHE. Digital Certificate that you can use to demonstrate your expertise, verified by an established third party in the film industry.


Our knowledge is for everyone. Our consultants are available for on-premise trainings and workshops of your enterprise or government team.

  • In-House Media Production – We help you implement In-House Media Production in Corporate and Government environments. Giving your teams the tools and knowledge they require to confidently produce creative content by themselves.
  • Descriptions of services – We create detailed description of services for government agencies.

"Vision 2 Screen"

Our recruitment program, gives you the power-house of an entire studio at your disposal to develop and pitch on international commercial productions.

  • Creative Freedom – Be confident in your pitches and benefit from our producers business acumen, that will guide you.
  • Healthy working conditions We help enforce working environments that are beneficial to you and your clients.
  • All about you  Not everyone works the same, we respect your process.


"The Comradeship"

We put ourselves between you and your client, so that you can concentrate on what you love: Connecting with people on set and making movies.

  • Support – Realistically the power-dynamic on set won’t allow a crew member to take action against unfair treatment. We can and have defended our comrades from being taken advantage of. 
  • Equal Opportunity We never disclose gender, name or age of our comrades until the client has signed the contract. We only select by qualification.

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Digital Back Office

Our company is built on a several web-services that we maintain and actively develop ourselves. This enables us to deliver and organise a much larger volume of projects while staying in the know about each and every one 100% of the time.

Curated talent

We actively develop and maintain our own curated platform for freelancers and companies in the media industry. With the network of our "Comrades", called "The Comradeship" we promote healthy work environments, education and innovation.

Research & Development

Because we often go where few venture, we research and develop our own tools. Both software and hardware. Our products have been picked for multiple accelerator programs, including HHL Leipzig and HTWK Berlin.

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Agency & Rental

  • Crew Agency
  • Rentals
  • Digital Imaging Services
  • Video Monitoring


  • Final Color & Remote Dailies
  • Sounddesign & Foleys
  • Remote Asset Management
  • LTO & Cloud Backups

Training & Certification

  • In-House Media Production
  • Vision 2 Screen
  • The Comradeship
  • Certifications